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A Passive InfraRed sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic device that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. PIR sensors are often used in the construction of PIR-based motion detectors.
Optex RX Saver Indoor Pet Friendly PIR
From R169
Optex Indoor Passive Infrared detector is suitable for use with IDS and other wired alarm systems.
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IDS Lifeguard
From R162
Compatible with IDS X64 Systems. Includes Supreme & Pet Imune PIR's.
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Crow Swan PIR
From R205
Bi directional temperature compensation. Slim design for residential installations. Cost effective.
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IDS 360 Ceiling Mount PIR
From R315
This detector is the perfect solution for warehouses and shops where shelving may obstruct the view of standard PIR detectors.
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SELCO Pet Immune Dual Pyro PIR
From R394
Dual sensors and software to ignore small pets under 36kgs.
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Zodiac Quad PIR
From R220
PIR with anti tamper suitable for harsh environments. The Risco Zodiac Quad detector protects up to 12m x 12m wide area and is supplied with swivel bracket for wall or ceiling mounting.
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Crow Genius Plus PIR
From R333
The New GENIUS with Double Linear Imaging Technology. Double Quad Linear Imaging Technology for sharp analysis of body dimensions and differentiation from background and animals.
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Crow Neo PIR
From R254
The Neo Line Series offers an outstanding combination of engineering experience and technological innovation. Featuring all the advantages that are integral to every Crow designed movement detector, the Neo Line Series offers unrivalled security levels and unparalleled digital signal processing.
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Crow TLC-360 PIR
From R646
Unique 360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector.
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Optex EN Grade 2 Quad PIR
From R699
OPTEX wired industrial indoor PIR plus Microwave detector with 12 x 12m digital quad zone logic. EN grade 2 PIR/microwave detector suitable for use with IDS and other wired alarm panels.
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Paradox Digiguard 75
From R540
Enjoy high-end performance and true pet immunity with the Digigard DG75. Its precision digital analysis, two separate infrared sensors and unique pet-friendly lens detect intruders with absolute accuracy while ignoring pets up to 40kg (90lbs). Its outstanding detection and false-alarm immunity give you unmatched reliability and stability.
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Optex Xwave Wireless PIR
From R799
Optex Indoor PIRs that use the state of the art Xwave1 Wireless technology.
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Crow D&D PIR
From R1,118
Weather Resistant Double Dual Element Motion Detector. Unbeatable reliability in hostile environments. Outstanding catch performance.
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Rokonet Anti-Cloak PIR
From R854
Advanced PIR using MW & IR with Anti-Cloak technology. Coverage 10m to 25m.
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Wisdom Wireless PIR
From R705
Compatible with WisDom Security Systems.
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Optex Xwave2 Wireless PIR
From R827
Range of Optex Indoor or Outdoor PIRs that use the state of the art Xwave2 Bi-directional Wireless technology.
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Optex LX Outdoor PIR
From R858
The robust and weatherproof LX-402/802 detector, purpose built expressly to offer protection for numerous outdoor applications.
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