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Gate Locks

Gate locks suitable for steel gates.
BBL Hook Lock
From R225
Sliding Security Gates. Fits in 30mm Square Tubing.
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BBL Cylinder Latch Locks
From R297
BBL cylinder latch lock suitable for security gates. Available in 40mm and 25mm backsets. Supplied with escutcheons, strike plate, fixing screws and BBL 60mm brass cylinder.
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Union Gate Hook Locks
From R152
Hook lock for sliding Security Gates Slam lock and no slam lock versions available. Fits in 30mm Square Tubing. Supplied with cylinder.
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BBL N302 Deadlock
From R75
6 Lever Gatelock with double throw deadbolt. Steel Forend
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Yale 5 Lever Gate Lock
From R201
5 Lever Mechanism. Available in single or duo pack
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BBL Elzette Gate Lock
From R85
6 Lever Gatelock with double throw deadbolt.
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Fortis Gate Latch
From R183
Narrow style latch lock suitable for metal framed gates.
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Yale Wing Bolt Gate Lock
From R264
5 Lever Security Gate Lock with a Wing Bolt.
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Union N888 Gate Lock
From R666
Lock for Steel Security Swing Gates. Excludes Cylinder. Supplied with Lock Box.
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Fortis Slam Hook Lock
From R194
Slam lock for sliding Security Gates. Fits in 30mm Square Tubing. Supplied with cylinder.
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BBL Expanding Gate Lock
From R111
Expanding or sliding Security Gates. Wooden Sliding doors.
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Jaguar Gate Hookbolt
From R148
For Sliding Security Gates. Uses 14 pin cylinder with star key.
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BBL Gate Deadlock
From R252
Gate Deadlock with Star Key to lock and unlock.
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BBL Cylinder Gate Lock
From R102
Cylinder Lock. Latch Bolt or Deadbolt. Steel Forend. Suitable for swing gates.
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Yale Cylinder Gate Lock
From R524
First fitment or replacement euro profile cylinder gate lock. Double throw dead bolt. 5 Pin chrome plated cylinder. Higher key security. 2 escutcheons & 3 keys included.
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Viro Expanding Gate Lock
From R399
Viro 8300 locks are suitable for practically all types of metal gate profiles and are also ideal for showcases
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Cisa 42111 Gate Locks
From R642
Cylinder Steel Gate Locks. Latch bolt version
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Cisa Gate Locks
From R697
Latch bolt with built-in deadlocking feature. Cisa security gate locks 42032 and 42312 feature a double throw latch bolt with built-in deadbolt function. Latch operated by key or; Model 42312: optional handles, Model 42032: optional sliding knob. Double throw deadlocks the bolt and handles or knob. Lock is certified according to EN 12209-2003 Grade
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Cisa 42022 Gate Locks
From R718
Double Throw Deadbolt. Key unlocks bolt. Accepts Euro profile cylinders.
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