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Body Armour

Personal Protection Products including, Bullet proof vest and Concealable Vests.
Bullet Proof Vests
BulletProof Vests for security personnel, armed response, VIP protection and general purpose. Three different Levels of body protection.
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Steel Armour Plates
From R1,299
Special Level Steel Plates providing stand alone protection level 7,62 x 39mm Ball (AK-47). Suitable for front or back. Single-curve steel plate with high density shrapnel reducing foam layer and black material covering.
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Ceramic Armour Plates
From R1,799
Available in levels of protection: Level IV
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Body Armour Accessories
From R1,031
Add-on Accessories for your body armour, includes: Ballistic collar, Shoulders, groin protector.
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Guarding Accessories
From R45
Available products are Batons, Self Defence Spray, Handcuffs and alcohol testers.
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