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Door Hardware

A wide range of door lock bolts and door chains and door closers. For locking of standard doors, patio and sliding doors.
Bathroom Indicator Bolts
Indicator Bolts for bathrooms to indicate if vacant or occupied.
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BBL Doorchains
From R37
Used as an added security feature. Easy to install.
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Cabin Hooks
From R117
A cabin hook is a hooked bar that engages into a staple. The bar is usually attached permanently to a ring or staple that is fixed with screws or nails to woodwork or a wall at the same level as the eye screw. The eye screw is usually screwed into the adjacent wall or onto the door itself. Used to hold a cupboard, door or gate open or shut. A cabin hook is used in many situations to hold a door open.
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Cupboard Locks
From R37
Suitable for Cupboards or Drawers.
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Cabinet Locks
BBL Cabinet locks to secure the Cabinet, Available in Standard, Sliding or Cabinet Latch.
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Door Bolts
Range includes multi purpose bolts, patio door bolts and patio locks from leading manufacturers.
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Door Closers
Door closers provide controlled closing of doors. Easy installation, no more slamming doors.
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Door Viewers
Door viewer for complete security for external and front doors.
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Door Stops
Fixed to the base of a door, to keep it from swinging against walls or furniture.
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Furniture Locks
Furniture and cabinet locks for every application: Drawer, Sliding Glass, Display Cabinet, Filing Cabinet and Cabinet Push Locks.
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Cam Locks
Cam Locks are a type of locking device that is used to lock cabinets, vending machines, display cases, casino slot machines and many others.
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Door Furniture
Including escutcheons, lever furniture, knobsets and door knobs.
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Door Plates
Push plates, kick plates and engraved signs.
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Fortis Keyhole Blocker
From R26
Fits all standard Lever Mortice Locks. Prevents access by foreign keys.
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Wishbone Door Guard
From R115
Designed to limit door opening prior to allowing entrance to visitors. It is easily applied and released when the door is closed. Solid construction. Suitable for wooden doors.
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Hasps and Staples
Wide range of hardened steel, corrosion resistant hasps and staples. Ideal for holiday homes, outbuildings, external and internal doors. Complete kits supplied with padlocks.
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A hinge is a component that attaches one edge of a door to the frame, while allowing the other edge to swing from it.
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Hinge Bolts
From R105
Hinge bolts are recommended to provide additional security for protection against attacks to the hinged side of your doors.
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Yale WS6 Door Chains
From R442
High quality doorbolts, chains and viewers for complete security for all external doors.
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Union Hooks
From R42
Aluminium Hooks for Hat, Coat and robes.
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Yale Un-Jam-It Dry Lubricant
From R58
'Un-Jam-It' is a dry powder graphite lubricant that works miracles by ensuring the working parts of your lock move freely to prevent jamming. Unlike oil or grease, it repels dirt and dust particles which can cause further clogging and corrosion over time. This makes it particularly suitable for applications that are exposed to the elements and also where there is heat build up. In fact the possibilities are endless as it can be used on metal, wood, plastic and even Rubber.
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