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Multipoint Locking

Describes a type of lock mechanism that has more than one locking point. It usually has a minimum of three locking points (plus latch) spread strategically over the length of the door. Multi-point locks are typically used on PVCu or composite doors.
Cisa MultiTop Hook Bolts
From R619
Narrow style door locks with hardened steel plates with Hook-bolts, suitable for uPVC, aluminium and other metal doors.
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Cisa 48200 Multitop Locks
From R669
Geared operating device for reducing key effort. Patented system to avoid out off phase operations. Zinc plated steel case. Stainless steel faceplate. Nickel-plated latch, roller and horizontal-slide dead-bolt. Latch or reversible latch/bolt (where this is provided for). Can be fitted with additional locking points. Through-screws for fixing the handle rose.
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Lince 50mm Four Bolt Sashlock
From R752
Mortise locks for wooden doors with four round bolts.
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Cisa 46200 MultiTop Locks
From R892
Geared operating device for reducing key effort. MultiTop Swingbolt version. Top and bottom extended bolts integrally mounted on the face plate.
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Cisa Roller MultiTop
From R1,004
Cisa MultiTop roller swingbolt lock offers a high security solution for uPVC, Aluminium, and other Metal Doors. EN 12209: 2003 certified. Three locking points with latches providing side load resistance of 300kg. Cisa patented "Effort reducer" gear mechanism making it easier to turn the key to operate multiple deadbolts.

Available in three case sizes and two security levels:
Grade 3: Top and bottom locking bolts
Grade 4: Top and botton swing bolts
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Cisa Multiple Bolt Lock
From R377
Three DOUBLE throw nickel plated steel bolts.
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Cisa Multipoint Locking
From R2,829
Top and bottom extended bolts or front facing top and bottom dead-bolts, integrally mounted on the face plate. Cylinder operates both central dead-bolt and top and bottom locking points.

NB: Top and bottom extended bolts & dead-bolts are NOT pictured below.
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